Intelligent security

Solutions for object security and intelligent electrical installations using innovative technologies. More than 2,500 objects in active management are a guarantee that your company will be absolutely safe.


Complex solutions for everyone

Developers and construction companies

Our main value is high-quality work. We provide comprehensive solutions always tailored to your needs.

Banks and insurance companies

Security in the premises of banks and insurance companies is a matter of course. Intelligent systems will ensure that you, your employees and clients can feel safe.

Business and shopping centers

Our security solutions in business or shopping centers are common solutions. We can secure large, complex facilities.

Manufacturing plants and logistics centers

Reliability is crucial everywhere, but especially in large manufacturing and logistics facilities, to protect large investments.

System integrators and data centers

Data and spaces for their storage and processing require the highest security and reliability. We will secure Data Centers of all levels for operators and their customers.

Leisure centers

Give your visitors a sense of security and provide them with a place to relax that they’ll be eager to return to. We handle security solutions for hotels, motels, water parks, sports centers, and other leisure facilities.

Resindential buildings

Smart electrical installations are a suitable solution for residential buildings of any size. Control and supervision is an expected part of the delivery.

Special-purpose facilities

Security in objects of special importance is a strategic part. We will meet all demanding requirements in this area as well.

Government sector

Timeless works demand state-of-the-art presentation technologies. Works of art require a sophisticated approach to selected technologies and tailor-made solutions.

Only with us you will get invaluable benefits

Tailor-made technological solutions

Object security

Protecting facilities of any type and size with the latest technologies and support.

Smart Electrical Installations

Smart electrical installations for control, monitoring and management from an individual object to a large manufacturing company.

Fire safety

Fire safety for all employees, visitors, and property protection.

Software solutions

High-standard software solutions allow further customization to your specific requirements.

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